Life exploration

So after much thought & with the culmination of stress from health problems, wedding planning and other responsibilities, I have decided that I need to take my shifts at GFG down to one a week.
I have applied for a position as a weekend tour guide at The Edgar Allan Poe museum which would be ideal for me since Poe is my favorite author and the author I have studied the most.

After working in retail for almost 7 years (with breaks for college) I am SO ready to find a job doing something that I love and can do well.

Got my new RealSimple magazine today – not as many sweepstakes as usual, but one of my favorite things that RealSimple does is find “New Uses for Old Things.” They have published books with hundreds of ideas, and also make some ideas available in their magazines and online.

The Key Hanger is one of my favorites so far:

On a different note, I love seeing all the various things available for Valentine’s Day. There are always cards and flowers, chocolates and assorted goodies…but what about a gift that sends a “subtle” message to your sweetheart…something along the lines of a “Positivity Glass”?

For the beloved one who just can’t stop making those negative quips about the cost of cable TV or Clay Aiken’s hair. Only $14.00 plus shipping.

*(Note: this would actually be cute…except that it is listed under Valentine’s Day presents….)


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