Wow – it’s been a REALLY long time! So lots has changed….I’m MARRIED, first of all, and also I moved to Denver with my husband. And let me tell you, moving across the country AIN’T easy, pumpkin. :P

Our apartment is small, of course, but I love it. I think my favorite thing is the view when I walk down the sidewalk.

Pretty cool.

I’ve been having issue acclimating to the altitude, but I think its getting better. The lack of humidity is disconcerting….but nice. ;)

I miss my family terribly, especially my little nieces, but I will be visiting them in about a month & half. Yay for Skype…for without it we would be desolate. Okay maybe not desolate…but you get the idea.

Alright, alright. I’m rambling. I’ll find something good to say soon. But in the meantime…Dan Piraro makes me laugh…



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