Fable 3

I finished Fable 2 last year right before Christmas and I loved it.

I just finished Fable 3 last week…and I have to say I was sorely disappointed.

Basically you begin a revolution against the tyrant king Logan…who also happens to be your brother. After gathering support from all over Albion, eventually you claim the throne and begin to make a series of decisions.
The storyline was such that it could have involved SO much more…up until the revolt against Logan it is very interesting and enjoyable. My main complaint is that so many more decisions could have been made, and in my opinion there was far little time to get anything done once you take over the throne.

I finished this game far, far too quickly…at least twice as fast as it took me to complete Fable 2. I won’t say it was a waste of time, because I did enjoy the gameplay for the most part…but c’mon LionHead…as highly anticipated as this title was, it deserved much more.


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