Toujours d’apprentissage (Always Learning)

Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence.
– Abigail Adams

I will say, without hesitation, that I have done more cooking in the last month & week that I have been married than I ever did my entire life before…and I love it! :) Cooking is one area where I have definitely been learning. I am intending to branch out from my comfort zone next week, as I usually make an Italian dish or something resembling Mexican…but I want to try some new things too. (Possibly this chicken pot-pie, which looks absolutely scrumptious….)

Continuing in the learning vein…with the prospect of piano students coming up I have been trying to brush up on my Classical studies…not that I have much to brush up to…;) My Sonaten book has been a companion of mine the last week or so….

Also, a man at our church found an OLD (50+ years) student flute at a yard sale for $20 (my silver, open-hole Gemeinhardt was stolen at college) and gave it to me! On top of it all, my dear mom is paying to have it fixed up! This is an answer to prayer – I finally have a flute again.
I am trying to get better at taking pictures…so I’ll make sure to take one of the flute all fixed up.

On a side note:

Here are a few views of the apartment…
I wish I had some before pictures to share, but I surmise that this is better than no pictures at all.

in the kitchen... in the kitchen…

it was the cat! in the bathroom! with a ball of yarn!
it was the cat! in the bathroom! with a ball of yarn!

awesome piece Holly made for our murder bathroom theme...
awesome piece Holly made for our murder themed bathroom…

More to come…

Let me leave you for now with this picture I took…I find it astounding…it doesn’t usually rain much here in Colorado…but it has been pouring for the last week…and we have gotten a few crazy storms….check out this HUGE thunderhead that was right across from our apartments!


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