Making manicotti was fairly easy…easier than I thought it would be, anyway. :)

I found this Three Cheese Manicotti recipe on, once again, (its a great site, by the way!)

The recipe is fairly straighforward, but I took a commenter’s advice about filling the manicotti.

When you cook the manicotti (I opted for boiling the water & then leaving the manicotti in the pot for 15 minutes so the pasta wouldn’t split),  make sure it drains and drys well. When it came time to fill the manicotti with the yummy cheese concoction, I filled a quart-size ziploc bag with the mixture and cut a hole in one of the bottom corners of the bag. Just squeeze the mixture into the pasta!

Filling the manicotti was much easier with this trick.

*doh* I forgot to take a “finished” picture…but my husband & brother-in-law  thought it was great!


If you have the time, make the sauce from scratch – it makes a huge difference!

My favorite sauce recipe  is from the  Jomama’s World Famous Spaghetti recipe on – just take out  the pasta & meat and you have an awesome red sauce to go with so many things!!! ( It’s way cheaper to make the sauce yourself, too.)

Happy cooking!!


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