A schedule of sorts….

So I am hoping that giving myself a schedule of post subjects will keep me going. :) I haven’t gotten in all figured out, but here is a rough sketch…

Monday – Married life and the things I’m learning…or funny things that happened…there are lots of those.

Tuesday – I don’t know yet. Maybe about pregnancy something or rather….if so, I’m sure it will get interesting as time goes on…lol.

Wednesday – Alll kinds of wackiness – comics or funny pictures …in other words, something to make you laugh.

Thursday – I know a lot of you will probably tune out on this day if I actually go with this, but I’m playing with the idea of discussing theology. And I MEAN discussing…as in I want your input.

Friday – FOOD! After a whole week of cooking meals (especially as much as I use Pintrest) I hope to share something I especially liked the past week.

Sunday – Song lyrics, a verse, devotional….something like that. Simple and hopefully encouraging.

Saturday – HA! I’m sleeping in and you should too! :) Maybe a DIY post since Saturday is the only day I will have time to do that.

So since today is Tuesday…I guess I’ll just work on tomorrow’s post due to my indecision. :)

Hope today has been a great one for you!


5 responses to “A schedule of sorts….

  • Elizabeth Johnson Spadea

    I like the idea of a schedule, and kudos to you if you can post something every day! I haven’t posted a blog since September, ha ha ha!!!!

  • Bonnie

    I am not normally a cat fan, but the cat in this picture is super adorable :)

  • The Taxi Dog

    You guys are terminally cute! I love it. I met my wife when we were 15. We’re 67 now. Hard, hard work sometimes. So many options. So many schedules. Take it easy. With patience, make choices. They will define you and make you strong.

    I love theological discussions. I’m Jewish, but what the Hell [He said, noticing the theological pun]. I live in His grace, having died on the operating table three times. So in my crazy way, i’m giving testimony every day.

    Pardon me, but screw the schedule! Like my father always said during dinner: “It all comes out well in the end”!

  • The Taxi Dog

    Oh! Cats!

    “Cat’ adopted us. She came and went on her own. And left on her own terms.

    Ketzel [ קאַץ ] was a pound cat. She had dignity. She loved to pose for the camera.

    Fosse [named for Bob Fosse & sounds like FLOSSIE] clumsy and so loveable. Ketzel wanted nothing to do with him. So sad. After Ketzel died, and baby Shaina came to our home, Fosse got all animated. A Friend!! Yippie!! Shaina groomed him all day long. But he was old and…ya know.

    Now we have Keiko, like the jazz musician. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHr5onkucpY&feature=related

    My wife insists her name is Kiko. Wife and I argue a lot about this. Everybody thinks we’re crazy…it all sounds the same! We almost got a divorce, yelling at each other.

    [Its an apocryphal story…but its so funny to me and I love telling it]

    While Keiko is confident, Shaina hides in the walk-in closet all day. If any one comes to the door, she hides back there. While Keiko is mute, Shaina has the loudest cat voice I’ve ever heard.

    Keiko has no voice. She tries to push a door open with her head. If she can’t do it, she looks up at you with demanding eyes, raising her shoulders as it were, saying, “Don’t you see I’m trying to get in here!!”

    I love cats. I could write about them all day long. I hope you enjoy them as much as I.

  • cadencepoint

    I love cats too!! We are having so much fun with Zelda – its amazing how much joy she brings to us. :)

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