I’ve gotten so behind on posting, but I think moving all of your earthly belongings to a new dwelling place is a good excuse. Oh yeah & being pregnant and super tired. ;)

We are in the process of setting everything up, so there is a whole corner that is filled with boxes and stuff…

but we have made a little progress….



Much more to go, but with P working and me getting exhausted from putting the dishes away, it takes forever.


I’m not sure if my little schedule is going to stick because I have an idea for a short post series I really want to do. *sigh*  We’ll see. Thanks for reading!! :o)



5 responses to “Progress

  • Stitch

    I’m about to join you on that journey of moving all earthly belongings, as soon as we find a place close to my parents (my dad has cancer and I want to be close – for him and for Mom). It is pretty tiring, and you owe no one any posts (but when you do write, we enjoy it :).

    Also, I’m not pregnant, but I’ve been pretty seriously anemic for some time – I understand the tiredness. I hope you take some time to rest between surges of productivity. Make a list, play some games, take a nap. All that wonderful stuff. :)

  • Bonnie

    Is your new place in the same complex?

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