I just died laughing when I saw this....

I hope this makes your day as much as it made mine….:o)

If not, hopefully this will….


A schedule of sorts….

So I am hoping that giving myself a schedule of post subjects will keep me going. :) I haven’t gotten in all figured out, but here is a rough sketch…

Monday – Married life and the things I’m learning…or funny things that happened…there are lots of those.

Tuesday – I don’t know yet. Maybe about pregnancy something or rather….if so, I’m sure it will get interesting as time goes on…lol.

Wednesday – Alll kinds of wackiness – comics or funny pictures …in other words, something to make you laugh.

Thursday – I know a lot of you will probably tune out on this day if I actually go with this, but I’m playing with the idea of discussing theology. And I MEAN discussing…as in I want your input.

Friday – FOOD! After a whole week of cooking meals (especially as much as I use Pintrest) I hope to share something I especially liked the past week.

Sunday – Song lyrics, a verse, devotional….something like that. Simple and hopefully encouraging.

Saturday – HA! I’m sleeping in and you should too! :) Maybe a DIY post since Saturday is the only day I will have time to do that.

So since today is Tuesday…I guess I’ll just work on tomorrow’s post due to my indecision. :)

Hope today has been a great one for you!

le chat mystérieux

wow…it has been forever since i have posted ANYTHING on this blog…shame on me! life has been super busy, but i suppose everyone’s life is pretty busy.

when i named this blog i was thinking of what my favorite author Edgar Allan Poe said…”I wish I could write as mysteriously as a cat.” but now my husband & i have adopted our very own “chat mystérieux” and named her….ZELDA. :o)

it is terribly difficult to get a good picture of her...she is like a sneaky ninja!

She is pretty much a little grouch, but the cutest one ever probably. :)

Also….TADA! Baby Robinson will make his/her appearance around August 9th, 2012! We won’t know the gender until March so we are knee-deep in suspense! We can’t wait to meet our little one!

Hopefully I will get back on track with regular entries as soon as I figure out how I want to do it. Hope you’ll stay tuned! :)


Making manicotti was fairly easy…easier than I thought it would be, anyway. :)

I found this Three Cheese Manicotti recipe on, once again, Allrecipes.com (its a great site, by the way!)

The recipe is fairly straighforward, but I took a commenter’s advice about filling the manicotti.

When you cook the manicotti (I opted for boiling the water & then leaving the manicotti in the pot for 15 minutes so the pasta wouldn’t split),  make sure it drains and drys well. When it came time to fill the manicotti with the yummy cheese concoction, I filled a quart-size ziploc bag with the mixture and cut a hole in one of the bottom corners of the bag. Just squeeze the mixture into the pasta!

Filling the manicotti was much easier with this trick.

*doh* I forgot to take a “finished” picture…but my husband & brother-in-law  thought it was great!


If you have the time, make the sauce from scratch – it makes a huge difference!

My favorite sauce recipe  is from the  Jomama’s World Famous Spaghetti recipe on  Food.com – just take out  the pasta & meat and you have an awesome red sauce to go with so many things!!! ( It’s way cheaper to make the sauce yourself, too.)

Happy cooking!!

Our Home

He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Here are a few more pictures of the apartment…

The futon...:)

The..."living/dining/computer area"...lol :)

Self-explanatory....I should think...

Breakfast bar and kitchen...


Our combined shrine to dark fantasy...one of our big common interests....;)

I tried to get the blue curtain, but it didn't work so well...


I love our little home.

I love the man who comes home from working hard every day.

I love waking up and making him a sandwich at 4am.

I love not getting to bed early enough because we were playing Halo 3

together or just talking way too much.

I love how he can read my mind.

 I love our home, not because of the decorations or possessions…but because I share it with my best friend.

Bacon Wrapped Chicken

I actually made this last night, but I have not had time to post it until now…I had chicken breasts in the freezer and was trying to find something easy to make with it that *wasn’t* Italian and I came across this recipe on Allrecipes.com.

I made a few alterations..and the result was super yummy. :)

Flattening the chicken was hard work....one piece was stubborn though.

Lil chickens wrapped in....pigs..

We were in a huge rush, so I didn’t get a good picture of the finished product – this will have to do.

Taken with my iPhone..so not a very good picture.

I mentioned that I changed a few things….
1. I added basil and garlic powder to the cream cheese.
2. I used 1/4 cooking sherry & 1/4 milk instead of 1/2 cup milk.
3. I reduced the lemon juice.
4. I used chicken stock instead of cream of chicken soup…and I’m not sure how much I used…:-/

The next time I make this, I am going to cook the bacon just a little bit first…I think we would like it crispier….:)
I was surprised at how easy this recipe turned out to be, and I had all of the ingredients on hand. Yay!

Fable 3

I finished Fable 2 last year right before Christmas and I loved it.

I just finished Fable 3 last week…and I have to say I was sorely disappointed.

Basically you begin a revolution against the tyrant king Logan…who also happens to be your brother. After gathering support from all over Albion, eventually you claim the throne and begin to make a series of decisions.
The storyline was such that it could have involved SO much more…up until the revolt against Logan it is very interesting and enjoyable. My main complaint is that so many more decisions could have been made, and in my opinion there was far little time to get anything done once you take over the throne.

I finished this game far, far too quickly…at least twice as fast as it took me to complete Fable 2. I won’t say it was a waste of time, because I did enjoy the gameplay for the most part…but c’mon LionHead…as highly anticipated as this title was, it deserved much more.