Valentine’s Day

McCord Candies 04

Valentine's Day. Also known as "Singles Awareness Day."

Either way it involves candy, whether bought full price in preparation for the holiday or for 60 % off after the fact. In the weeks leading up to this one day centered around "love" you will see red and pink hearts many places that you go…..unless they have already begun putting up St. Patrick's Day decor. ;)

Yes, I'm engaged so I don't mind the excuse for Philip to send me something (hehe) and to find something fun to give him. I don't expect flowers or a big gift…(I DO hope for chocolate…in fact I bought some for myself, but I would not be shell shocked if I simply got a card.

For the last two years I've had Valentine's Day as a single person and hey – I had a great time! If you decide to sit around and mope…well, that's your business. But I say, have fun!! Valentine's Day is celebrating the general idea of love, and whether you are in a relationship or not, you have something to celebrate. The love of family….the love of friends….and if you feel as though you have nothing, you yet (and always) have the love of the Creator.

Go ahead, blow me off and say I "don't understand" 'cause I'm engaged. That's your choice. But before God brought me to Philip I was where some of you are.

And some of you are dating or engaged…whether its a new relationship, or serious…or whatever. Just HAVE FUN! Live every day (even Valentine's Day) like it's your last.

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